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Oki Dozen Kagura: Nishinoshima Town

In the Oki region of Shimane prefecture, simple and old-fashioned kagura is inherited in both Dogo, which is centered on Okinoshima town, and Dozen, which is the western archipelago. Of these, Shimamae Kagura is a kagura performed on the three islands of Nishinoshima, Nakanoshima, and Chiburijima. Originally, the shrine maiden, who specializes in kagura, was in charge, but now the local people are in charge, and the shrine maiden who prays for rain, big catches, and healing of illness is an important role, not limited to Shinto rituals. It has been handed down as "Prayer Kagura". You can also see unique performances such as "Maiko", a shrine maiden dance that prays for the growth of babies. There is no permanent stage, and the dance performed by setting up a temporary stage is basically a tatami mat floor, so how to make a big dance with movement is the key to the performance and one of the attractions.

[Prefectural designated intangible folk cultural property]


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