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Shimane Prefectural Arts and Culture Center

Traditional performing arts archive

Shimane Prefecture has many traditional performing arts that are supported and inherited by the region.
There is a precious figure in which dances and hayashi are handed down from generation to generation.
Many traditional performing arts that have been carefully handed down in daily life.
You can feel the charm of ancient Japanese entertainment and the pride of the people who inherit it from the expressive power that lives there.
The "Shimane Culture Promotion Foundation Traditional Performing Arts Archive" introduces the traditional performing arts that have been inherited mainly in Shimane Prefecture in various forms such as performances and video transmission, and conveys their charm.




 2022.03.22 アーカイブサイトの運用を開始しました。


 2021.08.09 【石見神楽】を動画アーカイブに追加しました。


 2021.02.05 隠岐会場のダイジェスト動画を追加しました。


 2020.12.14 雲南会場のダイジェスト動画を追加しました。


 2020.08.01 関乃五本松節を動画アーカイブに追加しました。


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