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Sada Shinnoh: Matsue City

Sada Shrine, located in Kashima Town, Matsue City, is a historical shrine that is praised as one of the three major shrines in Izumo Province. At Sada Shrine, the three Shinto rituals of "Nanaza Shinto ritual," "Shiki Sanban," and "Shinto" are held every year on September 25th at the Gozagaesai festival. It is "Shinto". Called the "source of Izumo style kagura", this Shinto ritual dance that has been performed for a long time is said to have had a great influence on the village kagura all over the country. In addition, during the Keicho era (1596-1615), the style of Noh was adopted, and it is highly valuable in the history of entertainment that the features such as shite, armpit, sword, and sword can be seen in the performances and characters, and it is a festival of the shrine. It is said to be a unique and valuable entertainment in terms of dedicating Noh-style Kagura.

[UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage / National Important Intangible Folk Cultural Property]


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