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Sekino Gohon Matsubushi: Matsue City

"Sekino Gohonmatsu Bushi" is a folk song that has been passed down in Mihonoseki, Matsue City and has lovers all over the country. People who were sad that the Matsue feudal lord at that time cut one of the five pine trees that were marked by a ship entering Mihonoseki Port during the Edo period because the view was obstructed sang unfocused feelings. It is said that it was the beginning. Not only singing, but also dancing, shamisen, and drums are the highlights, and the national convention is held every year in Mihonoseki-cho, Matsue City. In the video, we will introduce the singing opening ceremony held every year at Miho Shrine, where it is said that the locals loved Kabuki songs, wearing gorgeous kimonos.

[Prefectural designated intangible folk cultural property]


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