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Shimane Traditional Performing Arts Festival: Opening Performance

This is a digest video of the third Iwami Kagura x dance performance "SHOKI -Zhong Kui-" and performances by entertainment groups inside and outside the prefecture, which was held as the opening performance of the Shimane Traditional Performing Arts Festival. Iwami Kagura is popular in the Iwami region. Many companies (kagura groups) are also active in Masuda City, where Grantwa is located. Since 2017, the youth club of Iwami Kagura Kagura, Masuda City, which is a younger generation that transcends the boundaries of the company, and Yoshihiro Fujita, a choreographer, director, and dancer who is active in Japan and overseas (presided by CAT-A-TAC). We are performing a collaborative work with. [Date and time] September 12th and 13th, 2020 [Venue] Shimane Prefectural Arts and Culture Center "Grantova" Iwami Arts Theater [Cast] Masuda City Iwami Kagura Kagura Youth Club Yoshihiro Fujita (choreographer / dancer) Daiki Sakai, Nana Sekiguchi, Miyu Watanabe, Yukari Inaba Direction: Yoshihiro Fujita Choreography: Yoshihiro Fujita / Masuda City Iwami Kagura Kagura Youth Club Support: Masuda City Iwami Kagura Shinwakai Cooperation: CAT-A-TAC


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