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Ushio-Sannoji Kagura: Unnan City

Izumo mythology occupies about two-thirds of Japanese myths such as "Kojiki" and "Nihon Shoki". "Ushio Sannoji Kagura" is the Izumo Kagura that inherits the tradition of about 400 years in Unnan City, which is also the stage of the Izumo myth. The influence from Sada Shinno, which is the same Izumo cultural area, and the performances and formats inherited from before that are preserved. In the video, we will introduce Kagura Sannoji Kagura (in Sannoji Wano Kagura), which has been designated as an intangible folk cultural property of the prefecture for its beauty and depth. The company has been the headquarters of the Izumo Taisha Kagura Kagura since 1891, and has been holding dedication kagura in front of the shrine for three days and three nights at the Izumo Taisha annual festival every year for nearly 120 years.

[Prefectural designated intangible folk cultural property * Kagura Sannoji Kagura (in Sannoji Wano Kagura)]


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